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Traditional Wado Ryu Union

The Union was created by Chris Haggan in 2008, with the help of Dave Hedges and Senior Instructor Paul Turner. The idea of the union is to improve standards and bring back traditional values associated with martial arts. The Union is dedicated to traditional Wado-Ryu Karate. We aim to improve the standard of not only techniques but also etiquette and behaviour also. It is important to us that we not only try to improve standards of students, but also the standard of any instructor or coach within the union, and along with any other official.

About Us

Welcome to the Traditional Wado-Ryu Union. The Union was established in 2008 by Sensei Chris Haggan, along with Senior instructor Sensei Paul Turner,in Lancashire. There was also a lot of input, help and advice giving by Sensei Dave Hedges (all students of Sensei Jack Parker.
We beleive all our instructors have valid and valued opinions, many having over 20years teaching experience. As such we listen to our instructors and try to develop our teaching methods to gain the best from all our students.
We are focused on maintaining and improving standards for both our students and our instructors.

Why Choose Us?

We are a non profit making group with no paid officials.
We have the backing of a national body.
A fixed syllabus that does not change year on year.
Your opinions will be listened to and taken seriously.
We offer a support network for you through any of our instructors.
All of our black belts will be offered a place on a national black belt register.